Name Tattoos

Are They A Good Idea ?

Name tattoos are a popular option for many people but it is important to be careful with them. There are many who will have the name of a person they love tattooed on them, believing that they will stay together forever. However, things happen and it does not always work out that way.

Having the name of a partner who has left on your skin is a constant reminder of them and the reason why they left – or you left them. However, there are times that name tattoos work out extremely well. This is usually the case when the name of a deceased family member is added as a way to remember them but many parents will also choose to tattoo the name of their children – dead or alive. This is a great way to show how proud you are of your children.

There are many different styles for name tattoos. You could opt to have them done in a foreign language – such as Chinese script – or you can choose to have them done with fancy lettering in your own language. If you do opt for foreign script then make sure that you get the symbols exactly correct – there have been a number of people who have gotten the symbols very slightly wrong and it has lead to embarrassing mistakes.

If you are looking for ideas for name tattoos, it is worth checking online. There are plenty of ideas, including how to add the name tattoos to different patterns to make them more than just a name. A great option to look at is LA Ink Tattoo Designs, which is a site that is full of over 30,000 different tattoo designs.

Each of the designs on the website is usable for tattoos – unlike some of the other sites that are out there. However, you do need to be a member to see and print them out. This comes at a small fee, which is covered by a 60 day money back guarantee if you do find that you are unhappy with the service.

The designs are all split into different categories, which makes it easy to find the name tattoos from the list of tens of thousands of designs out there. They are then printable from your computer so that you can take them directly to the tattoo artist – or you can make a few changes to make them just perfect for you.

As well as giving you ideas for name tattoos, there is a learning center. This is the perfect place for people new to tattooing to go to, as it gives articles on how to choose a tattoo and finding the perfect one for you. This is extremely important, whether you are getting name tattoos or just some floral work.

There are also articles on how to find a tattoo artist, which is especially important. This will help you determine the best place to go to have your name tattoos done. This is to ensure that the tattoos are done with high quality and a little risk as possible.

More On Name Tattoos

Name tattoos are probably one of the most popular tattoo ideas of all time. Names can be incorporated into any tattoo design and can also be a tattoo all on their own. The look of name tattoos can be changed by simply changing the font or altering the coloring in some way.

A lot of people, both men and women, choose to tattoo someone’s name such as a spouse, significant other or best friend. There is a danger to that, as anyone can guess. What happens when the name tattoo no longer holds any meaning for the person who was inked with that name? Tattoos can be removed, but it can be a costly, painful or lengthy process. Tattoo cover art is sometimes used to obliterate a name tattoo, but the tattoo will always be there in spirit, just not in view. The name on a tattoo can sometimes be turned into something else within the tattoo that changes the look of the tattoo.

Being tattooed with your own name is probably the safest name to have tattooed on your body. Even if you have a fight with your name, it will most likely happen the two of you will make up and be friends again. You may want to cover that tattoo with a piece of clothing, such as a long sleeve shirt, for a while, but will someday be ready to let your name tattoo be in full view again.

Name tattoos can be created in any size. It can be a teeny tiny, microscopic tattoo or it can be an outrageously sized tattoo that takes up the side of an arm or leg, back or front or side. Not many people opt to tattoo their forehead, but there is no law against it.

There are however drawbacks to name tattoos. They can reveal a name to an evil doer. It is for the same safety reasons children should not wear hats or clothing with their name on it. It is a very cute thing to do, but in this day and age, it is important to retain anonymity. How does the viewer know if the name tattooed belongs to you? They do not know at first, but if observation is made long enough, they will figure it out.

Name tattoos can look very cool, if crafted by a talented tattoo artist, as any tattoo can be. Name tattoos can also be crafted in Japanese or Chinese characters in addition to English. Name tattoos can be in any language, really. It is important to be sure your name translated into another language is correct. An incorrect translation could lead to an international incident if the name ends up meaning something offensive rather than just being a name. There is no need to start World War Three over a misspelling.

Name tattoos are the ultimate tattoo. They are personal and they memorialize that special someone. They can stand out or they can be hidden. A name is sometimes the snap that makes a tattoo pop. Enjoy choosing your name tattoos !